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Kahleen Crawford Casting is an award-winning casting company based in London and Glasgow. Over the past 15 years they have worked with a number of acclaimed directors, and gained a reputation for finding the stars of tomorrow as well as casting established talent.

The Challenge

Time to take a leading role

The previous brand identity didn’t reflect the high profile projects the company was now involved in. With an ever-growing and impressive list of productions, such as 'I, Daniel Blake’, ‘His Dark Materials’, ‘Under The Skin’ amongst others in the agency portfolio, we needed to develop a new identity that reflected the gravitas and profile of these productions, whilst staying true to the company's independent film roots.


Roll credits

The concept of the identity was to reflect the scrolling credits seen at the end of a film or TV show. This gave us a direct link to casting subject matter, whilst also giving us a strong typographic approach to play with across the brand.

To further emphasise the scrolling credits idea, we developed an iconic ‘K’ symbol made from an upward pointing arrow and a rectangle which represents the cast member’s name or production title.

Kcc Casestudy 123
Kcc Casestudy 121

A cinematic confidence

To give the brand a more confident feel, we purposefully created a pared back identity to allow the cinematic imagery from the productions and the calibre of actors to take precedence.

Kcc Casestudy 4

From minimal to full colour

To give the brand a more sophisticated feel, we developed a colour palette that felt bold without being overly stark. We chose a rich, warm brown that contrasts with a light cream to give a premium feel whilst giving the brand a quiet confidence.

When the brand needs to interact with imagery from a production, the colour palette can flex and ‘colour pick’ to use particular colours or tones from that piece of content.

Kcc Casestudy 119
Kcc Casestudy 117
Kcc Casestudy 122
Kcc Casestudy 2
Kcc Casestudy 113
Kcc Casestudy 5
Kcc Casestudy 6
Kcc Casestudy 114

Working with Thisaway was a joy. No egos, just talented people who do great work. They encouraged us to be more confident about our brand and pushed us to be bolder with our visual identity. The results speak for themselves. We now have a brand that aligns with the calibre of the productions we have in our portfolio, and with this brand in place, we hope to be involved in many more.

Kahleen Crawford, Founder

Project disciplines
Brand identity, website design and build, campaigns & content, animation, brand guardianship.

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