About us

Guiding brands through bold change

Change can be gnarly and uncomfortable but without it we stagnate. Brands get tired, start-ups don’t get started and businesses get stuck in their ways. Change is healthy, reinvigorating and works up a thirst for creative potential.

We harness and harvest all that goodness to develop big ideas that send you sailing into new territory. Relevant territory that comes from a place of truth, clarity and plain honesty.

Why Us

We are a Bath based branding agency that is set-up to stay close and move quickly. We pick our team to meet the needs of both client and brief. Pointing you in the right direction, through the lens of a purposeful, powerful and meaningful brand, we take businesses to unexplored and interesting places.

Our hand is a stable and steady one and we walk you in and through the transition, every step of the way. We might push you when you’re playing it safe, and steer you into the unknown, but we’ll stand in the thick of it as your partner and ally.

The journey

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We work out where you want to go and start mapping the journey by asking the right questions. To you, your partners, stakeholders, employees, clients and all. We interview, gather, immerse and analyse to scoop up the insights that will lead us to a central and compelling brand idea. One that has purpose and can drive our creative and strategic thinking towards positive change.

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What does that all important idea look like? Sound like? How does it behave, shape up and come to life? What’s the storyline? We take the heart of your idea and look at it from every angle to draw out its most original and effective expression, bringing your story and personality to life.

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The final step is the one that gets you to a bold identity, built on good ideas and bags of personality. The execution stage is where we make it happen, make it real and where you can fully land and step into your brand identity, toolkit, photography, digital strategy and campaigns.

What We Do

Brand Definition

  • Research & analysis
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Narrative & messaging
  • Visual identity
  • Verbal identity
  • Logo design
  • Brand naming
  • Brand guidelines

Brand Delivery

  • Website design & build
  • UX & UI design
  • Communications & campaigns
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Films & animation
  • Photography & art direction
  • Print & editorial design
  • Environment branding

Who we work with

We’re proud to work across a variety of sectors, and our aim is not to specialise in a particular field. We believe our strategic creative thinking applies to all industries and brand challenges, from sports branding and companies with purpose, to disruptive startups and national education services.

Our nimble approach means we can work with clients both large and small. The one thing that unites the businesses we work with is the desire to make a bold change. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

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