Life as a healthcare professional or carer can often mean long hours, no time for breaks and constantly needing to be in two places at once.

EngagedMD provide specialist software for medical practices that automates patient admin and education. It tackles inefficiencies and needlessly time-consuming tasks, leaving carers with more time to do what they do best; care for their patents.

This project was worked on in collaboration with Creative Business Company.


Getting famous beyond fertility

Founded in 2014, EngagedMD have made their name in fertility with software and products spanning patient education, informed consent, form-filling and eSignatures. With these tools they help carers and their patents navigate the emotional journey of fertility treatment smoothly and efficiently.

In recent years, as the healthcare sector as a whole has come under increasing scrutiny over pay and workloads, EngagedMD have been looking to evolve and expand beyond just fertility to start supporting carers from all corners of the medical industry. In order to do this though, they needed a brand that would elevate them beyond a specialist software company and position them as an ally to caregivers all over the world.

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No time to care

Whilst the medical industry spans lots of different fields and specialisms, they all boil down to the same thing; providing care. And the pain-points of medical staff across the industry are also alarmingly similar, with many of them getting bogged down with admin and not having enough time to do the part of the job that they actually love; providing care.

It’s this insight that makes EngagedMD so relevant for the sector as a whole. And it’s this insight that lead us to our brand idea.

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Helping carers carry on caring

EngagedMD quite literally gives carers more time to care. It automates up to 56 minutes of admin and education work per patient, allowing more time for high quality consultations and support. It lightens workloads and makes carers feel like they’ve got an extra pair of hands.

Inspired by this idea, we decided to bring the brand to life by personifying EngagedMD through a team of little helpers. Working with Fakery and the internal team at EngagedMD, we created a diverse set of characters representing a cross-section of doctors, nurses and administrators.

The friendly team are not only there to offer carers a helping hand, they also act as a reassuring guide to patients, helping them navigate medical processes and procedures.

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A helping hand

Building upon the idea of a helping hand, the new logo takes the form of just that. Drawn in a loose style reminiscent of signatures and doctor's scribbles, the hand feels flowing and free to allude to the ease of using EngagedMD. A subtle ‘e’ is incorporated into the thumb to help with the flow and to ensure the icon feels distinctive and ownable.

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Striking the balance

To ensure the characters and logo don’t feel too playful, we countered them with a restrained colour palette which pairs a single minded use of cream and dark green with small pops of accent colours. A characterful, rounded serif also works with a geometric sans to crate a balance between gravitas and approachability.

Icons are informed by the flowing nature of the logo, and along with all the elements of the new brand, have been designed to work alongside a more diagrammatic vector illustration style that has been retained from the previous identity for legacy reasons.

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Thisaway challenged us to rethink what B2B branding needs to look like. Our new brand and identity feels like the perfect representation of the business we're building, and ultimately captures the benefits of the service we offer.

Jeff Issner, Co-founder / Co-CEO, EngagedMD

Project disciplines

Brand identity, character design, 3D design, animation, copywriting, brand rollout, brand guidelines.

Project collaborators

Strategy: Creative Business Company

Character design: Fakery

Logo crafting: Alec Tear

Digital partner: Z1

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