Brentford Community Stadium

2020 is landmark year in the history of Brentford Football Club. This summer, the club will make the move from its historic home at Griffin Park, to a new state-of-the-art stadium located less than a mile away at Kew Bridge.

Over the course of the past 18 months, we have been helping the club frame their new hospitality offer, whilst also producing a season ticket campaign to help grow the supporter base ahead of the big move.

Competition for places

London has an unparalleled choice of sports hospitality offers, many of which can be found within close proximity to Brentford. While choice is plentiful, many premium offerings look and sound the same. To standout in this crowded marketplace, we wanted to frame Brentford's premium packages in a way that stays true to the values of the club, and be delivered in a way only they could. Hospitality. The Brentford Way.

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Putting personality into premium

Without the resources of the Club’s perceived ‘more glamourous’ neighbours, we decided to differentiate the hospitality packages on a brand level.

Rather than use a common naming convention like ‘Club Brentford’, we called the hospitality offer ’The Posh Seats’. A playful name that references the commonly used description of hospitality and premium seats by sports fans. The name immediately demands attention and gives the offer a huge dollop of personality.

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Visually premium, verbally down-to-earth

To ensure the proposition resonated with the current fanbase, we wanted to match the premium visual aesthetic with a straight-talking and down-to-earth tone of voice that sounded like an actual fan talking, rather than someone from high society. This allowed us to be playful with the ‘posh’ theme whilst also being quite self-depreciating.

We also collaborated with illustrator Steven Noble to produce a series of wood cut illustrations that help communicate the benefits of the hospitality packages in a lighthearted way.

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Naming traditions

With such a provocative name for the proposition, we wanted the names of the individual packages to be closely linked to the history and tradition of the club. Therefore the names of the three tiers of hospitality on offer refer to the date the club was founded, the postcode of the previous stadium, Griffin Park, and the colours the team play in

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A new era

The move to Brentford Community Stadium represents a new dawn for the club, both on and off the field. But with more seats to fill, the club needs to grow the it’s fanbase. We were asked to produce a season ticket campaign that could do two things.

Firstly, we needed to explain to the current fanbase how the move represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ensure fans will be sat with friends and family in the stadium.

Secondly, to get new and existing season ticket holders on board, we wanted to communicate how the move represents the start of an exciting new chapter in the clubs’ history.

Take Your Seats

We developed a campaign concept entitled ’Take Your Seats’. The idea encourages existing fans to renew their season tickets to ensure they are sat with friends and family, whilst also asking new fans to join the club on the exciting journey that lies ahead.

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Seating arrangements

The campaign look and feel uses horizontal shapes to represent rows of seats. These shapes house the logo, typography and imagery whilst also having the flexibility to be used across a variety of formats.

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From Day One

We also developed a concept to reward fans who are first to purchase season tickets at the new stadium. These fans become part of a unique group of supporters called ‘From Day One’ members. Each person will have their name showcased in a designated area at the new ground.

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Project disciplines Brand strategy, naming, visual & verbal identity, campaigns & content, film & photography

Project collaborators CGI & fly-throughs: iCreate

Illustration: Steven Noble

Stadium photography: Matt Davis

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