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Every year, paper company Fedrigoni brings together the design community in its annual calendar project entitled Fedrigoni 365. For the 2021 edition, over 1,000 agencies and creatives were given a number from 1-31 alongside an inspiring 'seed' word, and were asked to submit their responses.

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We were given the seed word 'Global' and the number 2.

We decided to base our submission on the current state of the planet. Forest fires, flooding, and soaring temperatures are all indicators that the planet is on the brink. So we wanted our submission to reflect what we believe the planet thinks of us at the moment.

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We produced an illustration entitled 'Global Warning' showing the planet giving the two-fingered salute.

It also seems a pretty apt response given the year we’ve all had. But let’s not get all 2020.

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It was great to take part in a project with so many other talented people, and we'd like to thank Fedrigoni for sending us our lovely printed book. We hope to be involved again next year.