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Asto – The Cash Flow Revolution Report

Asto is a digital platform by Santander, which aims to help freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and micro enterprises keep their cashflow positive. Built on the belief that no good business should fail for lack of time, support or access to finance - they offer a selection of bookkeeping tools and lending products for people running small businesses.

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We collaborated with PR gurus Common Industry to design an accessible and engaging report for Asto that business owners can relate to and find information to solve their problems. The Cash Flow Revolution Report aims to position Asto as the go-to platform for people who work for themselves to manage their money and their business.

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The report aims to move away from dry financial language, towards the reality of business: that it is personal, empowering, exciting, emotional, and entrepreneurial. By identifying the root of business owners worries around finances, the report was produced to help them address and tackle these issues using Asto’s expert guidance and resources.

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As well as using Asto’s existing brand assets, we also commissioned illustrator Ty Dale to produce a series of illustrations and engaging infographics to add further visual interest to the report.

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