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We Play Rugby

Building on our recent rebrand of England Rugby, we were asked to develop a new participation campaign for the brand, with the aim of growing the number of participants in the sport at grassroots level, and keep people who already play the sport in the game.

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The brief was to develop a campaign that showcases the variety and breadth of people who play the game, whilst also focusing on the different game formats developed by England Rugby to improve accessibility to the sport. These include O2 Touch, 24/7’s, Inner Warrior and XRugby7’s. All of these products offer an alternative to the 15-a-side full contact game.

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As well as promoting playing the game, we also needed to communicate the social aspect of the sport, as well as the values of the game.

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Our campaign idea of ‘We Play Rugby’ aims to communicate the fact that rugby is a game for all shapes and sizes, and one where everyone can get involved. We wanted to challenge perceptions of the game by showing the variety of entry points to the sport, as well as the benefits of being part of the rugby community.

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Visually, we created a campaign logo lock-up based around rugby goal posts, with the crossbar element underlining the word ‘play’. The ‘goal post’ device was then used at various scales and perspectives to house grassroots imagery and messaging across a range of assets on the brands owned channels.